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360° representation of archaeological finds

How many times have you stood before a museum exhibit case awkwardly seeking a backside view of an object to better grasp the images? Wouldn't it be useful to have a complete picture of the subject?

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snapshot from a rollout documentation

A rollout is a flat representation of a cylindrical surface through the composition of many individual images. This technique is used for cylindrical objects - such as lekythoi, amphorae, oinochoai, craters, or any vessel with images around its perimeter.

A rollout makes vase illustrations clear and much easier to then interpret by overcoming the visual distortion resulting from to a restricted viewing angle.


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presentation video of interactive rotational photography - crater of Derveni - Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Rotational photography with precision robot


Using my handmade precision robot, an object can be rotated and photographed sequentially then specially designed software is used to bond the photos. The end result of rotational photography is a flat representation of the item with no distortion, even when depicting curved objects such as craters or lekanides.

The accuracy of the bonding is accurate enough to allow more than one rollout to be merged, creating a repeated pattern which, for example, could be used to place a continuous print around a room.

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