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Gigapixel photography

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Gigapixel photography

Infinite zoom in the History of archaeological finds

Examine the photo from the golden wreath composition from the Thessaloniki Metro excavations in the video below. No matter how far one zooms in, the image quality remains unchanged, displaying the wreaths fastidiously, focusing on every detail. This is because we have a gigapixel photo in front of us.

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Gigapixel photography -  four gold wreaths from the excavations of Thessaloniki Metro @EFAPOTH
What is a gigapixel photo

Gigapixel photos are those images whose nominal resolution exceeds one billion pixels. They always result from the merging of individual images and their very purpose is to record the subject in perfect detail.

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Gigapixel photograph - Gadara, Jordan archaeological site
Application in Archaeological Photography

In archaeological photography, the application of this technique is an invaluable tool as it accurately captures each and every feature of the artifact presented. Thus, it allows for the comprehensive study of archaeological sites and objects for research purposes as well as the use of gigapixel photographs for virtual tours, long banners or large prints in exhibitions. In other words, we have limitless zoom, so much so that viewers never cease to appreciate the beauty of photography, regardless of how closely they examine the images.

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Gigapixel photograph - Palace of Aegae - Vergina
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