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Interactive Rotational Photography

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Interactive Rotational Photography

Visualizing objects without compromise

Imagine being able to control your light source when observing an object, closely focusing on selected details or an angle of view you choose to study. Interactive Rotational Photography provides just that!

Interactive Rotational Photography is a unique photographic product that, in its simplest form, begins by photographing an object or monument from a wide range of angles and then, through an interactive application, provides the user the ability to determine exactly which detail and angle they want to examine.

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presentation video of interactive rotational photography - gold wreath Paul Getty - Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Key advantages

One of the key advantages of this technology is that viewers need not compromise. All information to be found in the archaeological artifact or monument is accessible and the viewer has total control of what they focus on.

This technique is used most often on objects and monuments with a primary area of interest extending to all sides or which contain information not visible through conventional frontal shots.

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Indicative interactive application of interactive rotational photography - crater of Derveni - Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Interactive Application

Using the interactive application, the user can rotate the object, enlarge the images, take precise measurements on all sides, as well as moving the light or viewing angle of objects. If a user has special needs (such as to view and compare two or more objects simultaneously), this application can be provided with additional customized tools, upon request.

Υλοποίηση - στήσιμο στούντιο για περιστροφική διαδραστική φωτογραφία



For the implementation of Interactive Rotational Photography, a special rotational robotic unit has been designed, based on the needs of specialized archaeological photography. The unit rotates exceptionally smoothly to avoid damaging fragile archaeological objects and triggers the camera itself, providing repeatability and complete accuracy, up to one degree.
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