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Artwork reproduction

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Artwork reproduction El Greco

When paintings come to life

When photographing a work of art, the precision and fidelity of the final image is, in fact, what differentiates art reproduction from conventional documentation. In art, color is crucial to both composition and mood so capturing honest color can communicate valuable information regarding the artist’s technique, stage of creativity, and era - all of which are essential for research, education, and promotion.

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video presentation - zooming in a gigapixel photograph of an El Greco painting - high resolution artwork reproduction
High standards

Art reproduction must be carried out following impeccable standards, with photographic equipment meeting exact specifications so as to provide moiré-free images with optimum clarity and unsurpassed  resolution.

snapshot from the photo shooting of artworks at the Hispanic Society of America, New York, USA
The importance of photographic equipment

To achieve veritable reproduction of artwork, I use high-end equipment, combining the photographic perfection of Hasselblad's medium format Multi-Shot cameras with Broncolor's innovative lighting solutions, both of which guarantee color accuracy and consistent quality; essential elements for artwork reproduction and generally for highly demanding studio photography.

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