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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Landscapes

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Landscapes

More than human eye sees in an HDR photo

When strolling through an archaeological site or admiring a cloudy sunset on the Acropolis, your eyes perceive alternations of light and a vast range of colors that no camera can capture in a single shot.

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Amazingly, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography actually exceeds the capabilities of a camera's sensor and may even surpass the range of tones distinguished by the human eye.

The result

A final image is produced from digital blending of individual under-illuminated and over-illuminated photographs of the same subject; thereby, more detail is captured in the very dark and very bright areas of the image paralleled to what a camera's sensor can capture. This technique can also be combined with panoramas to create extraordinary High Dynamic Range panoramas.

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video presentation of panoramic HDR photography

Each time I photograph an archaeological site or a historical monument, my goal is to capture in the most accurate way possible what my eyes can see while, at the same time, conveying a bit of the enthralling aura imparted from its past. I utilise and also combine the most appropriate shooting and processing techniques that are best suited to every site.


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