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Panoramic Photography

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Panoramic Photography

360° Virtual tours of archaeological sites and monuments

Wouldn’t you like to visit the Macedonian Decapolis of Jordan or wander among the priceless Louvre exhibits while sitting comfortably at home? Through cutting-edge technology and sophisticated editing software, 360° panoramic photography captures with complete fidelity what the human eye can see, giving the viewer the sensation of truly being there.

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Thousands of photographs in one image

In reality, a panoramic photo is the merging of  multiple individual shots into a larger image covering a wider viewing angle of up to 360°. It begins with merging selected photos and can result in combining hundreds or thousands of shots to produce gigapixel photographs at an intensely high resolution.

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Areas of application

Panoramic photography is effective for both indoors and outdoors, and the final photographic product can be used to create virtual tours as well as VR applications.

Panoramic photo of the archaeological site of Gerasa, Jordan
Production of panoramic photographs

To produce panoramic photos, I use a special panoramic robot that, through unique programming, rotates the camera while taking photos from multiple angles. This ensures complete precision in the merging, which is essential for archaeological applications or applications where precise recording accuracy is required.

Panoramic photo of the archaeological site of Amman, Jordan
Use of panoramic photographs

The final photographic result can be easily used on websites and applications, giving one the sensation of being truly present beside each image depicted. Users experience the freedom of intimately exploring  archaeological sites and art collections while at their own computer or mobile device, or they may holistically combine a virtual tour with their traditional museum visit.

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